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David Reeves “The College of Business, Law and Social Sciences' students are fantastic” David Reeves

David Reeves is Non-profit Organisation Manager at Newlife Foundation, a charity which provides emergency loans for equipment for terminally ill children that the statutory authorities don’t provide, and which funds research into conditions which affect the young.

People may be surprised to learn of the very active relationship that a charity such as ours can have with business students. It has been hugely important to our charity and is mutually beneficial.

Insight in to third sector organisations

We offer specific insights for students – for example, in one of their modules they learn about the social enterprise concept and how it works in practice. I am delighted to say that some students were so excited by it that they have gone on to work in social enterprises.

We give the students some fun tasks too which also benefit the charity, such as an Apprentice-style challenge giving them £25 and asking them to make it grow. The money which they raised, very imaginatively, went directly towards helping our cause.

Real experience that looks great on a CV

The College of Business, Law and Social Sciences' students are fantastic. They understand real world challenges because they have been in front of business leaders. In my view, this sets them apart in terms of potential employment.

Meanwhile, it is clear that the staff are incredibly supportive of students, businesses and organisations like mine.