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Gleneagles “With a degree and work experience at one of the world’s leading hotels, there’s an amazing career opportunity” Richard Patton

Richard Patton is Events Operations and Private Dining Manager at The Gleneagles Hotel.

He regularly employs Derby students on placements and internships to work at the five star luxury hotel and award-winning spa and golf resort in Scotland.

At Gleneagles we’ve been taking Derby students for many years. Working with employers benefits students so that they’re getting first-hand experience of the industry.

At Gleneagles we’re the most up to date in our industry and at the forefront of what we aspire to deliver in the hospitality industry, if we work closely with education it ensures there is no gap between the real world of work and what students are learning in the classroom.

The University is good at asking for our feedback on course design, on what is being delivered and new course developments. We can then see the impact of this in the curriculum.

Placements at Gleneagles

At Gleneagles the most important thing we look for when we take a placement student on is personality. We also look for their willingness to learn, to work within a team and their focus on their future. It is a competitive and hungry industry so we are trying to identify students who are confident, have drive and passion, and who are looking to succeed.

Rob Hall studies Hospitality and was one of our recent placement students. He came to us with an element of confidence; you could tell he’d had experience in all sorts of areas of the hotel, both front and back of house.

He would naturally try to solve problems and issues, whatever size. He would sell the solution to us.

He also grasped opportunities that came his way, such as being involved in the Ryder Cup hosted at Gleneagles in September 2014.

The world is your oyster

With a degree and work experience at one of the leading hotels in the world, there is an amazing career opportunity for Derby students.