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Essentials you will find on my desk

With deadlines and exams looming, most of us are spending long hours sat at our desks. Have you found an ideal work set-up yet? Here’s how I’ve set mine up to help me be productive and stay focused when completing university work.

14 January 2022

Desk organiser

A tidy working space can reduce stress and improve focus. Make sure to keep your pens, highlighters and paperclips tidied away in a desk organiser. You can even find ones that hold textbooks and notebooks, so you’ll always have them to hand. Multiple stores sell desk organisers. Look at Amazon, IKEA and Etsy’s website to gain some inspiration.


Proper lighting can improve your mood and make you more productive. It is important to choose a bright, coloured light to motivate you to continue to work hard during the darker nights. Do you like an organised wire-free desk set-up? consider buying a cordless desk light to reduce unneeded clutter.


I have a calendar on my desk to keep track of deadlines. Having a calendar near your workstation might help you reduce procrastination as you can see how fast your deadlines are approaching. You could also consider using a digital calendar to maximise your time. Perhaps consider using Google Calendars or Outlook Calendar to track deadlines.

Highlighting a date on a calendar

Desk plant

Plants can make your desk more stylish, and studies have also shown they help to improve creativity and productivity. A study also identified that plants help reduce anxiety and stress, which can build up during busy periods. Therefore, it might be worth investing in some desk plants to help you nail those deadlines. You could buy a cactus, peace lily or lucky bamboo plant.

Laptop stand

Consider getting a stand to raise your laptop viewing level. This will encourage proper posture, protecting your neck from straining when studying. Prices for laptop stands start at under £10. Another great benefit of laptop stands is that it reduces the likelihood of laptops overheating and shutting down, which is very inconvenient when completing university work.


I often enjoy a cup of coffee when studying. Coffee is a natural stimulant that has a good impact on the body and mind. Coffee keeps you alert and focused, which can increase your overall concentration. Perhaps, you should pick up a delicious coffee at Blends before your next library study session. Remember, a general rule is to limit your coffee intake to four cups a day to reduce caffeine side effects.

Headphones on a colourful background


Headphones are essential for me. I prefer listening to background music when studying so I use my headphones to keep me focused when working. Wireless headphones can help keep things tidy and uncluttered. Have you considered using noise-cancelling headphones? Not only do these headphones increase sound quality, but they also increase concentration by eliminating other background sounds.

Hopefully my tips will help you create the ideal set-up for your studies. We’re all different though, so maybe you have suggestions of your own?