Research Seminars

Research Seminars

On Wednesdays, 4-6pm at Markeaton Street, room 200.

17/02/16 Kate Wells

Sustainable solar surface decoration: The correlation between Anthotype principles with plant extractions as a form of eco-patterning for fabrics. 

24/02/16 Ava Hunt Further research dissemination on International Applied/Political Theatre platforms
16/03/16 Sebastian Blackie A Tasty Dish & Top Ten Tips for Bid Writing Report
06/04/16 Chris White Research Metrics Strategy
13/04/16 Caroline Locke The Value Of Labour  - Investigations and Three Preliminary Works
20/04/16 Paul Vandermast-Bell Exploring Digital Repetition in Electronic Dance Music Performance

Christine Parker at Quad, Derby

PhD by Published works – and now what shall I do with it?

Duncan Werner

3D Ambisonic Guitar System and Production (aka 'GASP' - Guitars with Ambisonic Spatial Production)

11/05/16 Michael Brown A Cage for the Music and the Limits of Invention
18/05/16 Darren Daly & Amanda Wallace

‘Filtered’ (Performance) -  How does Sealey’s “Aesthetics of Access” impact upon the creation of new theatre, with a primary focus on access for visually impaired audiences?

25/05/16 Peter Lennox Creative inhibition: How to destroy creativity?
01/06/16 Phil Baggaley THE SAME SKY - A Musical: Three Months to Write Thirty Years to Make
08/06/16 Ian Neal Theorising Illustration
15/06/16 Marc Bosward Reality Fragments: Found Footage, Spatial Video Collage, and Non-Fiction Explorations of the Socio-Historical World
22/06/16 Tim Shore Derby Omphalos – work in progress for a D-LAB digital arts commission
N/A Rhiannon Willimas

CRITICAL CLOTH - Patchwork as Critical Practice

09/11/16 Cameron Jinks & Michael Brown Neglected Spaces
16/11/16 Carl Robinson  Lessons in Physics Conference, co-curator Vered Lahav
23/11/16 Dr Richard Hodges Music Cognition and Tonality: A Composer's Perspective - Dr Richard Hodges
N/A Philip Basi A Cross The Decades
22/03/17 Michael Brown & Paul Vandemast-Bell Immersive Deconstruction
30/03/17 Marc Bosward 

Life Goes On

27/06/17 Bruce Wiggins

Sounds in Space Conference


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