Our Approach

Our approach

Research in the School stands out for its collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches, which places ourselves at the confluence of the arts in the city of Derby and the region of Derbyshire and the East Midlands but with applications for wider relevance for the creative and cultural industries. Our approach is proudly transmedial and frequently collaborative.

The focus of this role will be interdisciplinary research projects working with Professor Chris White.  Those that are currently available fall under the current headings of:

Sustainable Scenographies – design for performative and media environments, and you will be expected to contribute to the peer-review journal Scene and its annual production.  There are two issues per year. Your area of interest and research should encompass ecological practices in the performing arts.

The Cultural Value of the Arts for Health & Well-Being – this encompasses arts practice as it relates to social engagement, creativity, the learning theatre, nature and the environment, art & science, and creative technologies.  You will be expected to work with Professor White in terms of upcoming conferences for 2016 and 2017 related to these areas.

Creative Ecologies – interdisciplinary arts practice 

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