Archive Exhibitions at Markeaton Street

‌‌Nature Connections Nature Connections Festival 2016 - 9 September to 10 September 2016 

Chris Packham, BBC Springwatch presenter and Vice-President of the RSPB and Wildlife Trusts, will open the Festival on both days, chair a Q&A session on nature connections and give a book signing.  A series of workshops, talks, exhibitions, competitions and live music will be on offer throughout the Festival, including a talk on ‘Lost Stories’ from the DerwentWISE project. There will also be cinema screenings of Project Wild Thing, New Beginning Symphony, (2020) vision and The Age of Stupid.


The Royal Photographic Society International Print Exhibition - 30 June 2016 - 19 August 2016Royal Photographic Society

The Royal Photographic Society's International Print Exhibition is the longest standing exhibition of its kind in the world, having been held almost every year since 1854. The International Print Exhibition combines photographic skill with ideas rich in meaning, message and technique. This unique selection of 100 images, curated by a panel of renowned photographers and photographic professionals, will challenge your ideas and capture your imagination. 



‌AA2A Exhibition

Exhibition of the work of three artists, Francesca Moore, David Newey and Katrinka Wilson participating in the Artists Access to Art Colleges (AA2A) 2015– 2016 project. 



Raising Your Voice - 18 april to 29 April 2016 Raising your voice - Shannon Woolner

‘Hearing Voices’, Think for a moment about the word ‘Voice’, what is it to have a Voice?  And, how does one, ‘Raise Your Voice’? Your Voice, a Voice that belongs to You! Photo credit: Shannon Woolner, Lead: Colin Wilson.



Martin Rogers Construction

  ‌Martin Rogers: Construction, Storage, Despatch: The work of Martin Rogers (1952 - 2013) - 1 February to 8 April 2016 

The work of Martin Rogers (1952 – 2013) mediated between print, publishing, sculpture, sound art, installation, projection and photography. Martin was an artist of repute and for many years a member of staff on the Fine Art programme at University of Derby. There is an accompanying book; Construction, Storage, Despatch with essays by Simon Cutts and John Bevis, with contributions from Rodger Brown, published by Coracle Press & University of Derby, which will be available at a special price of £12. Lead - Rodger Brown.



Exhibition in a box

Exhibition in a Box - 22 January to 8 April 2016 ‌

BA Hons Animation, Illustration and Graphic Design students are invited to create a body of work entitled ‘water’ and then challenged to curate an exciting miniature gallery exhibition for an imaginary viewer. Students are also encouraged to populate their private view with digital hybrids and peers. Lead - Leo Bradley. 



 ‌New STEM facility at the University of Derby - 22 January to 8 April 2016

A £12.5m, 4,200 square-metre building for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is being built at the University’s Markeaton Street site. The centre, which is expected to be completed by 2017, will focus on real-world learning, combining functional teaching space with infrastructure designed for the specific needs of engineering and computing. Contact: Paul Ruane.


"The ether made tangible" - 22 January - 8 April 2016 The ether made tangible

“An exhibition to show how the gas flow through an engine looks in three dimensions and how minute changes to the flow regimes affect turbulence and combustion efficiency. Students have modelled the gas-flow in a semi-solid compound and imported their models into 3-D computer software to see how the flow behaves and what happens when you change the boundaries.” Lead: Steve Hill.

Chinese contemporary animators exhibition


Chinese Contemporary Animators Exhibition - 30 October 2015 - 15 January 2016

This exhibition is direct from China and shows the work of 15 Top tier Chinese Animators. There will be a mix of stills and films of the animations. Lead: Jayne Falconer. 


Best of the Best Exhibition - 30 October to 4 January 2016 Best of the best exhibition

‌This curated exhibition showcases the breadth, variety and quality of work from this year's final year Degree Shows. Lead: Jayne Falconer.




 ‌Eighteen - 12 October to 27 November 2015

Exhibition of post graduate research - Jayne Falconer. My practice focuses ideas of gendered approaches to material and process by melding objects, (shoes), in clay. This practice investigates the language of sensuality, which is fundamental to the exploration of touch and texture. 



Nature Connections Festival 2015 - 11 September to 12 September 2015 ‌Nature Connections

Chris Packham, BBC Springwatch presenter and Vice-President of the RSPB and Wildlife Trusts, will open the Festival on both days, chair a Q&A session on nature connections and give a book signing.  A series of workshops, talks, exhibitions, competitions and live music will be on offer throughout the Festival, including a talk on ‘Lost Stories’ from the DerwentWISE project. There will also be cinema screenings of Project Wild Thing, New Beginning Symphony, (2020) vision and The Age of Stupid.


AA2A Artists in Residence

 A‌A2A Artists in Residence 2014 - 2015 - 10 July to 26 August 2015 

Exhibition showing off the work of four artists (Caroline Lowe, Bernie Rutter, Lyndsey Searle and Michael Shaw) participating in the Artists Access to Art Colleges (AA2A) 2014 – 2015 project. This is a national scheme providing artists with an opportunity to undertake a period of research or realise a project with access to workshops and other facilities. Lead: Jayne Falconer.



20 FORMAT EXPOSURE artists. The seventh edition of FORMAT Format logo

20 Format Exposure artistsFORMAT International Photography Festival is the UK’s most significant biennale of photography, curated around the theme of EVIDENCE.  On a daily basis, we use photography to record our lives, routines, friends and encounters. Every two minutes, we take as many photos as the entirety of humanity took during the 1800s. Millions of seemingly insignificant moments are recorded and shared online, creating inconclusive portraits of individuals, places and events. Through a selection of the best of international photography in a diverse programme of exhibitions and events FORMAT will make sense of our complex world and its connection to EVIDENCE and the still image, in a multitude of inspiring ways. Lead: Jayne Falconer. Image: "China: The Human Price of Pollution" Souvid Datta. 


Derwentwise Lost Stories

  ‌Derwentwise: Lost Stories - 12 February - 26 February 2015

This exhibition shows items from the John Smedley Archive that will result in a collaboration between Stage 2 students working in Visual Communication at the University of Derby and the Archive. Students working in Illustration, Animation and Graphics will bring alive the 'Lost Stories' of the John Smedley factory and the people that worked there. Lead: Josie Walter. 


Off Register"Off Register" - January - February 2015

A collection of artwork created in the printmaking department at the University of Derby.‌ Photo Credit: Jane Eyre. Photogravure illustration created for the 'Brontë Society' creative competition, Bronte Parsonage Museum, Haworth, Yorkshire. Awarded first prize. Lead: Martin Leedham. 


MA Film and Photography Exhibition

   ‌MA Film and Photography Exhibition - 19 December 2014 to 2 February 2015.

This work presents the culmination of Tom Harrison and Henry Obimpeh studies leading to their Masters qualification. Obimpeh's photographic practice questions notions of the 'perfect' image by making works from the perspective of the partially sighted. Harrison's work explores our urge to watch and our outrage at being watched, our desire to be seen and our reaction to being seen.  Lead: Carl Robinson. 

Happy Little Fat Man

Happy Little Fat Man
- 21 November 2014 to 6 February 2015. 

 An exhibition of paintings, drawings, artwork and video by Kevin Coyne. Kevin (1944-2004) was an important player in the contemporary music scene in the late 60’s and 70’s and became a cult figure thereafter. Alongside his 40 albums of music he paint and drew most days and the exhibition covers all facets of an amazingly fertile creative force - and a graduate of the Derby College of Art.

Silken Threads
- Friday 24 October to Friday 21 November 2015

The exhibition will be looking at the trade between Leek and India at the end of the 19thC. Yarn came from India to Leek where it was woven, dyed and embroidered and we will be showing both domestic and Ecclesiastical items from the 1880s/1890s made by the Leek Embroiders’ Society.


 Best of Best Exhibition - Thursday 25 September - Friday 31 October 2014

This curated exhibition showcases the breadth, variety and quality of work from this year’s final year Degree Shows. Lead: Jayne Falconer.  

Emmanuel Cooper Retrospective
‌Emmanuel Cooper Retrospective
- 20 February to 28 March 2014. 

‌A stunning exhibition of ceramic work by University of Derby Honarary, the late Dr Emmanuel Cooper OBE in collaboration with Ruthin Craft Centre, Wales. The exhibition, showing a range of works by Cooper is accompanied by a conference and other activities for those interested in ceramics and craft skills. Lead: Professor Chris White.


The Art of Atmospheric Interaction - 20 January to 14 April 2014 The Art of Atmospheric Interaction

An exhibition of student work demonstrating the interactive nature of our atmosphere with Motorsport. Exhibits aim to show how the air we breathe behaves when it flows over the equipment that we race. Lead: Steve Hill. 


Alba - 13 January to 21 February 2014Alba

This exhibition combines the artist’s love of the Highlands in Scotland and photography with particular interest in historically significant sites and the change in land use in the region. Lead: Cameron Jinks. 


The Big Picture


The Big Picture - 11 January to 13 February 2014 ‌

To look at the Big Picture is an act of becoming involved. The Big Picture photography exhibition proposes a world of depth, a time for reflection and a place for change.   



The Stage is Set - 2 December 2013 to 9 January 2014 The Stage is Set

An exhibition of lighting designs by Assistant Dean Chris White, which showcases theatre lighting designs and the medium of their delivery. Through photography, the exhibition documents lighting design aesthetics and the engineering equipment used to create the visual effects.

Transitions Revisited by Professor Huw Davies -
27 November 2013 to 3 January 2014 Transitions Revisited by Professor Huw Davies

Using a series of photographs Commissioned 26 years ago in Derby as part of ‘UK Industry Year’, this re-evaluation of the original work includes re-establishing contact with several of the original subjects exploring how their working lives, ambitions and expectations changed in the intervening period.


A Stitch in Time


 ‌A Stitch in Time -28 October to 15 November 2013

In conjunction with John Smedley Ltd, Lea, Derbyshire, this exhibition uses items from the Company archive to ‘rediscover’ natural fibres in the 21st century and look at their importance of forgotten skills. There will also be a talk from archivist Jane Middleton Smith on ‘John Smedley: A Stitch in Time’ on Wednesday 30 October at the Markeaton Street site. Lead: Josie Walter. 


MA Fine Art, MA Film and Photography Final Show - 6 September to 17 October 2013 Fine art and photography show

Samantha Ruth (Fine Art) and Ed Smithson (Film and Photography) are showing work as part of their final postgraduate exhibition. The range and quality of work on show provides a fitting first exhibition for these two artists. 


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