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Learning Theatre

Performing Arts at Derby has never been more exciting!

Our partnership with Derby Theatre means our students develop in a unique venue that leads the way as a ‘Learning Theatre’ offering a resource for training, mentorship and artistic excellence and graduate internships. The academic team works alongside the Theatre Team and students from across the School of Arts, who are studying Performing Arts, Technical Theatre, Production Design, Music and Dance and have a truly unique learning experience.

Students study, work and perform in a nationally renowned producing theatre, and learn by working alongside professionals on top quality performances. Our Dance programme benefits from the partnership with Deda, the East Midlands dance centre, where students learn in specialist dance studios. 

Our music students study using state of the art production and recording studios and produce work for both live and recorded environments with our very own record label.

Performing Arts students gain valuable experience, which enables them to form their own theatre and production companies and emerge as the next new talent mentored by the professional staff of our partner venues and academic team. These joint endeavours enable students to take part in workshops with world class visiting artists as well as taking a role alongside our artistic and technical teams on home-grown Derby Theatre productions with our Company Aside scheme. Once students have trained we support them entering the first stages of a professional theatre career through graduate internships and a comprehensive artist development programme.

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