Teacher apprenticeships video transcript

[Callum Bradbury, Apprentice Teacher, speaks on camera]

If it wasn't for the apprenticeship route I probably wouldn't have considered teaching. I've always upheld a job alongside my education as I've always studied part-time and earning a wage and gaining real working industry experience has always been something that's been a real passion of mine and I see as a no-brainer personally.

So when the teaching apprenticeship opportunity came up I thought that is a possible opportunity there for me to get into teaching and really practice what I've previously and currently being preaching in Business and Economics. I originally started teaching as a non qualified teacher and it have merged into the opportunity to take upon the teaching apprenticeship.

I saw the key benefits really are obviously being paid to work towards gaining full teacher qualification gaining on training experience alongside with the theory base and the academic underpinned knowledge of Education it was an opportunity to jump in at the deep end and actually begin teaching from the offset instead of spending an awful lot of time based at the university to then do placements and you were in your placement from the offset which is a great kind of indicator whether for me personally teaching was a career and for me to go into and and it is it's turned into something that I really have become a lot of passionate about and something that I really want to pursue and to finish and hopefully become a fully qualified teacher.

Gaining experience alongside and other qualified teachers and trainee teachers actually in the school environment helps you learn from each other an awful lot as well sharing best practice throughout the school environment, alongside learning from the pupils so not only am I departing knowledge about and business and economics and my subject area but also I'm learning back from them they are teaching me in some respects in terms of curiosity and questions that are asking and debating with me about the current subject which is a real intrinsic kick from teaching that I think a lot of teachers would agree with so if it wasn't for the apprenticeship I would not have seen that side of getting into teaching.

Teacher apprenticeships video

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