Course details

Course length

Minimum of 2 to 3 years

Lecture/workshop days - dates/times

The apprenticeship incorporates a part-time day release CertHE (other study modes negotiable) with on-campus teaching at the University and online delivery through University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL). 

Course description

Studying for a Construction Site Engineering Technician Higher Degree Apprenticeship at the University of Derby provides access to Gold-rated teaching, exceptional specialist facilities and a practical course designed to promote capability and competence within the civil engineering field.

We’ve invested over £12 million in industry-focused laboratories, including those dedicated to structures, geotechnics, hydraulics, concrete and materials testing, with substantial equipment used in advanced geomatic surveying.

Apprentices will benefit from on-the-job practical training and first-year degree-level academic learning, including a significant online element.

An online portal enables employers to track apprentice progress, including assessment and monitoring data.

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Who is this course for?

Our apprenticeship programme is suitable for individuals who currently undertake roles to assist a construction site manager, sub-agent or section engineer. It may also benefit those in roles assisting with the management of civil engineering and infrastructure projects based on sites or in offices.

At the University of Derby, we’re continuously developing our apprenticeships portfolio. We’re keen to work with companies in the region that are interested in degree programmes associated with job roles in engineering, technology and computing. Contact Angela Dean on +44 (0)1332 593176 to find out more.

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Structure, certificates and assessment

A CertHE will form part of the whole programme of study for the Civil Engineering Site Management Degree Apprenticeship. There are three phases depending on your entry qualifications:

  • Undertake Level 3 study to enable you to enter the CertHE
  • CertHE Civil Engineering (year 1)
  • Behaviour Development


  • Level 4 CertHE Civil Engineering
  • CertHE Civil Engineering (year 2)
  • Specialisation and Job role behaviours aligned to EngTech (year 2)
  • Level 4 CertHE Civil Engineering
  • CertHE Civil Engineering (year 3)
  • Specialisation and Job role behaviours aligned to EngTech (year 3)

The apprenticeship runs over a minimum of two to three years and incorporates a part-time day release CertHE (other study modes negotiable) with on-campus teaching at the University and online delivery through University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL).

The programme includes an induction module at Level 4 - Working and Learning: Higher Education in the Workplace (Engineering and Technology). Students would expect to attend the University on a day release basis for 28 days each year or by other study methods if negotiated with an employer.

Delivery of Programme

  • Individual study to gain Level 3 qualifications
  • Applied Mathematics 1
    20 Credits
  • Construction Materials Technology
    20 Credits
  • Construction CAD and Personal Development
    20 Credits

† Include work-based learning assessment option

  • Structures 1
    20 Credits
  • Site Surveying 1
    20 Credits
  • Civil Engineering Construction and H&S*†
    20 Credits

* Module offers UDOL option
† Include work-based learning assessment option

  • Induction: E-portfolio development
  • Working towards employer sign off and end point assessment
  • EPA



This apprenticeship includes a Level 4 qualification in: Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE) in Civil Engineering.

Entry requirements

The University would normally expect apprentices to enter directly onto the CertHE Level 4 qualification (if allowed within the Apprenticeship Levy) and this will be dependent on the applicant having gained a suitable Level 3 qualification prior to entry.

Minimum academic qualifications will be the completion of the Level 2 Construction Technician Standard with further academic study to Level 3.

Equivalent qualifications and relevant experience, plus five GCSEs at Grade A-C including Mathematics, English Language and Double Science or equivalent qualification will be considered.

Individual employers will also set their own selection criteria but, as this programme requires academic achievement to Level 4, an adequate level of science, mathematics and English will need to be demonstrated through appropriate tests.

If applicants for the apprenticeship do not have sufficient study at Level 3 it may be possible for them to study some individual modules from the College’s access programme Engineering and Technology Level 0.

Please note: this may not be available on a day-release basis and, due to entry requirements, applicants may be asked to study to Level 3 at another institution before they can enter the apprenticeship at the University.

Fees and funding


Cost of the apprenticeship will normally be in line with the funding band £15,000 but individual agreements will be considered depending on student numbers and involvement of employers.


Fees will be paid by your employer with Government-funded support or through the Apprenticeship Levy.

How to apply

For more information call +44 (0)800 001 5500 or email

Applications to this apprenticeship will need to be made through the employer.

Contact us

Apprenticeship Hub +44 (0)800 001 5500