How your support helps our students and researchers

We are grateful for donations from the University family of staff, students, alumni and supporters which fund a range of bursaries, scholarships and opportunity awards. Your donations enable our students and research community to achieve their potential and make a positive contribution to society in a caring, supportive and aspirational environment.

Your donations can support one or all of our priority areas.

Student experience and opportunities 

We have one of the most complex and diverse student bodies in the university sector. For a significant number of our students, they come to our University having not travelled outside of their local community. They have been brought up with limited outside influences and alternative perspectives. In fact, attending university is a significant and often daunting step. ​

Donations to our Students Unlimited Fund will provide a range of experiences and opportunities, such as our International Travel Awards. 

Student Tamzin Burch explains what the International Travel Awards are and where you can travel.

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These experiences and opportunities help our students, regardless of the course they study, to develop personal and professional skills to encourage growth in their self-confidence, explore the world, be empowered by cutting-edge technology and work in inspiring facilities. These essential life experiences help our students fulfil their potential, progress into graduate-level employment and make a positive impact on society.

We embrace our role in raising aspirations, improving skills and adding value to the lives of everyone in our region​​.

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Student scholarships and prizes

Scholarships and prizes are recorded on a student's HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Record) transcript which they will use as they move into employment, so your support has longevity and direct impact on their future.


At the University of Derby, we believe there should be no barrier to education and donations in support of a scholarship help students who show exceptional promise but may need financial assistance to further their studies in their respective field.

The criteria for the awarding of scholarships can be defined by the donor and can be attributed to:

Your support will make a significant difference to an individual student throughout their studies and you can be part of their journey to success. Your donation can support the whole or a percentage of study fees, living costs, travel expenses, book purchases or other costs relevant to their studies.

Scholarships are recorded on a student's HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Record) transcript which they will use as they move into employment, so your support has longevity and direct impact on their future.

We recognise our donors by:

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prize winners showing off their certificates

Student prizes

Student prizes and awards are an important way to celebrate and recognise student excellence or outstanding achievement.

Donations to the University of Derby can be given as a student prize with the criteria for the award defined by the donor. The prize can be attributed to academic excellence or other student achievement within a specific college, department, discipline and/or year of study.

We recognise our donors by:

The University currently offers prizes and awards to current students across the academic spectrum, the majority of which are awarded on an annual basis.

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At the University of Derby, we nurture and encourage research excellence across all our disciplines and career stages. 

Donations to our Kick-Start Research Fund supports small grants for University of Derby researchers who are starting their research activity and mid-career researchers who require seed funding to kick-start their research.

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Students and staff on an International Travel Awards trip

How you can support us

There are many ways to support our students and the University. Your support, whether big or small, makes a huge difference.

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