Five Minutes with... Charlotte Miller

Lance Corporal Charlotte Miller works as an Environmental Health Technician in the British Army. Charlotte studied for a Master’s degree (MSc) in Environmental Health through University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL) while stationed in Kenya and graduated last year.

What is your current job role?

I work as an Environmental Health Technician in the British Army. 

I help reduce disease and non-battle injuries, working in some of the most challenging situations all around the world.  For example, I have been deployed to both Belize and Kenya. 

I assess environmental, industrial and domestic health hazards, inspect military kitchens and bases, investigate outbreaks of disease, conduct environmental and occupational health surveys and advise commanders. I also take samples of contaminants for analysis, advise on water quality, brief newly deployed troops on health hazards, write reports and provide support to soldiers.

How did you find studying online?

Studying online was a challenge at times especially when on deployment in places such as Belize and Kenya.  However with the internet available in most places, I was able to download many of the resources before I deployed. The environmental health lecturers were understanding and able to offer support to accommodate my studies whilst deployed overseas.

How will your degree enable you to progress in your career?

Having my MSc Environmental Health will open a lot of doors. Now I have completed my degree I am one step closer to being awarded the Environmental Health Registration Board’s Certificate of Registration.

My next step is to successfully complete my Portfolio of Professional Practice and the Professional Assessments with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health so I can be awarded the Environmental Health Registration Board’s Certificate of Registration. This will enable me to become a fully qualified Environmental Health Practitioner.

I will then use all the information and experience I have learnt from my MSc to help me progress my career in the Army.

Would you recommend online learning?

Online learning is perfect for anyone who wants to study but is also working.  If you know you are going to have a busy few months then you can chose to delay a module and take it at a different time of the year.  However it does take time and commitment and you need to be dedicated.