Ending Modern Slavery

Victims of modern slavery face having their “light of humanity snuffed out” unless we act, said Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, at a recent conference in Derby.

Speaking at an event jointly organised by the University of Derby and Diocese of Derby, Justin Welby said slavery was still a major problem worldwide but that it wasn’t always obvious.

He said: “This is all around us, it’s a hidden crime. Very often the victims of the crime, the slaves themselves, don’t realise that they are victims.

“This [conference] is very exciting because having businesses involved is what will undermine the economics for the slave traders. Slavery is not cheap labour, it’s just that the profit doesn’t go to the worker, it goes to the slave trader.” 

The Archbishop encouraged conference delegates, which included business leaders, community representatives and local MPs, to sign up to the Athens Ethical Principles, a United Nations declaration that commits organisations to tackling modern slavery.

Leading organisations from the East Midlands joined the University of Derby in signing up. They included JCB, Bowmer & Kirkland, Staffline and Pennine Healthcare.

If you’d like to find out more about ending modern slavery, please visit the Action 2030 conference webpage.