Rebecca Handley, BA (Hons) Travel and Tourism Management

What are you doing now; tell us about your role and your journey since graduation?

I am currently Deputy Chief Executive at Basingstoke Together. Basingstoke Together is the Business Improvement District (BID) for Basingstoke Town Centre.

Basingstoke Together represents approximately 500 Basingstoke Town centre businesses championing their interests to deliver change to improve. It is a commercially led, independent, not for profit company.

The role focuses on delivering range of projects supporting priority areas, including the introduction of town centre WiFi and the delivery of a vibrant marketing and events programme.

What were the main reasons you took that course? 

I took the course because of the opportunity for both theoretical and practical assignments and to gain access to the tourism industry.

Why did you choose to study the course at the University of Derby? 

Initially the reputation of the course, however, once I came for a taster day at the University of Derby’s Buxton campus, the location and atmosphere were key selling points.

What impact has studying this course at Derby had on your career?

The course has had an unmeasurable impact on my career, as it provided an excellent opportunity to gain insight into core business operations, including Marketing, Finance, and HR – these have been directly transferable to my role. In addition, a key element of my last four roles has been place anagement and marketing, which were also a focus of the course.

How did the lecturers inspire you?

The lecturers gave us insight into a range of opportunities, but also empowered us to take on any task without hesitation.

How do you feel the University has helped you in your career so far? 

I had multiple opportunities to complete work experience during my course, which allowed me to gain skills that I could directly transfer, as well as gaining valuable experience for my CV.

What are your future plans?

I intend to stay working in the place management field, progressing to Chief Executive level.

What would you say to anyone thinking of coming to study this course at the University of Derby?

It was the best decision I ever made! Not only did I exceed my expectations during my studies – the course has allowed me to progress rapidly in my career, as I had the skills to move straight into the industry.

Who are you still in touch with from the University of Derby?

Lecturer Peter Wiltshire.