Christopher Wilson - College of Business, Law and Social Sciences - University of Derby

Christopher Wilson, LLM, 2013

Why I chose Derby

After an enjoyable time during my undergraduate degree at Derby, I felt a postgraduate degree in LLM Corporate and Financial Law would be a good way to distinguish myself from other graduates in a hostile graduate job market. The different LLM streams on offer were all well tailored to the subject matter and the ability to select modules allowed me to build my own experience, choosing those modules

The biggest strengths of the course were the smaller class sizes and the sheer dedication and passion for learning and development demonstrated by a team of expert lecturers. A sturdy support network helped me realise my potential in my time undertaking my LLM and without this, I doubt I would have done as well as I have.

The support offered throughout the independent study phase was just as strong as the support offered in contact teaching.

Securing employment

Thanks to the applicable skills I gained in my time at Derby, I was lucky enough to be approached with an offer of employment before the end of my LLM studies.

I currently work for the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers as a Technical Officer. I am lucky enough to have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and I have met all sorts of people as a result of my work. My legal experience from Derby has helped me in drafting official regulatory, legislative and policy based documents. It is always hard settling in to something outside of your discipline and comfort zone. The varied knowledge and experiences that I attained in my time at Derby, however, made that process a little easier with confidence in my own abilities gained from my time with the University.

Highlights of my time at Derby

I felt challenged from day one but very rarely out of my depth thanks to the support offered to me from academics. I constantly had to learn, think and revaluate my strategic approach to my studies. The highlights for me have to be when your grades come through at the end of the semester and you see how the dedication you invest in your studies translates in to grades. I don’t believe there is any motivator better than good grades and the potential of continued success.

I would not just recommend Derby to anyone I would actively encourage them in considering the University seriously.

It is a great place to study, the spaces are clean and bright, the facilities are cutting edge and the social life is great. Teaching is undertaken by a great set of staff who are friendly, approachable and always happy to help you however they can. The ability to strike up relationships with lecturers who know your name makes the learning process so much easier and personal.


"I would not just recommend Derby to anyone I would actively encourage them in considering the University seriously." Christopher Wilson