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Derby Staff Parking

Staff parking

We encourage all staff to firstly consider alternatives to driving to work. If you do have to drive, then please fill out the Staff Parking Permit Application.

If you are driving, please consider car sharing - even just once a week saves 10% on your fuel costs.

We've a limited amount of parking space on site for our staff and students and would appreciate if it's only taken by those who really need it. Many of our staff have been able to sell their car because of our travel plan measures.

Permit costs

Permits cost 0.35% of salary. So, someone earning a salary of £20,000 would pay £70 a year, someone earning £40,000 would pay £140 a year.

Parking rebates

We recognise that a lot of people can use alternatives to the car a lot of the time, but perhaps not all the time. As an incentive people who park on site for less than 100 days a year (pro-rata), can claim a rebate for some of their parking fee. The fewer times you park on site, the greater the potential rebate.

You can apply in September for the previous academic year. This is announced on the staff intranet.

NB Parking rebates only apply to KR or BM/MS permits.

See also Buxton Staff Parking.