Learning, Teaching and Assessment Framework

Introduction of the Learning, Teaching and Assessment Framework

The Learning, Teaching and Assessment Framework (LTAF) takes a principle-driven view of what needs to be considered when planning programme delivery and assessment. Rather than dictating what teams should do, it concentrates on the success factors that our approach should support to enable students to develop their Sense of Belonging, Sense of Purpose, Self-Efficacy, Resilience and Engagement.

The Curriculum Design Framework reaffirms our commitment to underpinning our programmes with high quality research, to addressing education for sustainable development, of ensuring that our curricular are accessible by design and that we factor in the mechanisms to support personal development to equip students with the skills to achieve their future ambitions.

The external environment for higher education has changed significantly in recent years, with greater scrutiny from our regulators. The Office for Students and OFSTED, who regulate our apprenticeship and teacher training, expect us to be able to demonstrate that we are delivering high-quality education to all our learners. This regulatory expectation has a strong alignment with our Institutional purpose which states that we 'empower people across the globe to achieve their potential and make a positive contribution to society'.

These two frameworks and their implementation plans will build upon our existing foundations of excellence and empower you to continually evolve and enhance your curriculum, teaching practice and approach to assessment.

LTAF - Factors of Success

There is a compelling body of research that demonstrates the role of the five factors of student success in supporting retention, progression, academic achievement, and future employability.

These factors are:

How these factors can be supported or enhanced will vary depending upon the aspirations, experience and circumstances of each learner and of course they intersect and interact in a variety of ways. The new Learning, Teaching and Assessment Framework recognises the diversity of our curricula and our student body by taking an outcomes-based focus on these factors.

Module leads and programme teams are asked to reflect upon how their approach seeks to address each of these factors and to take steps to continually build them into their practice.

The factors are each multi-dimensional and we recognise that no one measure or approach will work for all programmes or all learners, and as such we will need to deploy a range of approaches within each module, each programme and across the wider institution.