Social Events - A Typical Day - University of Derby

Social Events

What will you be getting up to? During the summer school you won't just be taking part in sessions and workshops, there will be opportunities to socialise with the other people on the summer school

During your time at the summer school you will meet other Year 10 students from schools all across Derbyshire. You will be allocated into groups during the day to take part in the session, and also allocated into flats for the evening, which will give you plenty of opportunity to meet new people, socialise and have a good time during your stay. As well as this we have also put together some activities for you to get involved with.

The summer school get to know you challenge

On the first day of the summer school, you will take part in a series of challenges and tasks, culminating in the Halls quiz to see which team can reign supreme. 

This will involve completing practical tasks, solving puzzles and thinking outside of the box throughout the day.

Summer school graduation party

On your final night at the summer school, you will be able to party away at your summer school graduation. You'll have the chance to dress up and dance the night away in our Devonshire Dome.