Case Study - Summer School - University of Derby

"I loved Summer School"

What have students said before Here are some of the quotes from students who attended the Summer School in 2016 and also a case study from one of our Student Mentors who now attended the Summer School when she was in Year 10.

What students said after last years Summer School:

"I enjoyed getting to meet new people and also the great experience and fun activities" - student from Lees Brook School

"Best week in ages" - student from Merrill Academy

"The summer school has inspired me to follow my dreams" - student from The William Allitt School

Chiko Mawoyo,

BA (Hons) Business Management and Architectural Design student

Whilst I was at school I remember doing lots of activities and an experience day with the University of Derby, but what I remember the most is the residential Summer School. I found it really inspiring to learn more about university and meet mentors who did different courses. I learnt a lot of the course of the Summer School and it really gave me the confidence to go on to do well in my GCSEs.

I now study at the university and work as a student mentor. Once I saw a poster advertising the mentor scheme at Derby and remembered the mentors who had helped me at the Summer School, I knew i had to apply to become one.