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Fantastic career opportunities in spa and wellness

During this 3 hour session, students will have a tour of the facilities with recent graduates from our International Spa programme. Our graduates will share stories about where they are currently working and their experiences in the industry which will help your students to understand the benefits of higher education qualifications. This session will showcase how the university fulfills the role of mentor for many of our students who go into industry, as well as demonstrating the careers available in this area. 

The real world of spa and wellness

This full day experience starts with a talk from a member of the academic team, followed by a tour of the campus and spa facilities. Students will then be given a wellness session in mindfulness, tai chi or similar, followed by a spa experience in our very own Day Spa of the year.

Spa, wellness and me

This 3 hour session, led by the Spa and Wellness team at the Buxton Dome, will demonstrate how spa experiences can help participants' overall wellness. Using a theoretical model of wellness, participants will be invited to assess their own wellness and appreciate how a career in this field can help others to engage in wellness. This session involves interacting with each other as well as taking part in some spa and wellness activities.

How to buy five star 

During this 3 hour session, under 16s will learn all about five star service. Customers expect five star service, so how can we meet that expectation? Participants will go through a guest service journey with our Day Spa of the year team at the Buxton Dome. From booking a visit to leaving the spa after various treatments, the guest service journey should be seamless. This session aims to showcase what goes into delivering five star service throughout the customer journey.

Active wellness in the workplace

This 4.5 hour session requires students to come prepared for interactive sessions. It includes a walking tour of the wellness sites in Buxton with an explanation of how these have influenced wellness for a long period of time. The Spa and Wellness team will then facilitate an interactive session which will demonstrate how physical wellness activity is built into workplace wellness programmes.

Exploring senses

This half day session will take participants through the role of the senses in spa experiences. From the sense of touch, sound and smell, a visitor to the spa has their experience enhanced by their senses. Use of massage, different sounds and aromatic oils all have a part to play in a guest's journey through the spa. Students will be introduced to some of these in this workshop.

A day in the life of a spa director/wellness manager

During this 5 hour session participants will learn about the roles and responsibilities of a spa director or wellness manager. Exploring the variety of tasks that this role involves, from stock control to organising activities in the workplace, will allow participants to appreciate what is involved in this career. There will be an interactive in tray exercise as well as a real world learning session which will put participants to the test in their decision making skills.

If you would like any further information on any of the above sessions or would like to book a session for your students, please contact us.

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