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Sport, outdoor and exercise workshops

Run your own major sports event

Think of the last time you were a participant or spectator at a sports event; did you consider what was happening behind the scenes to make it a success?

This interactive workshop introduces students to the basic principles of managing major sports events, and challenges them to design their own sport event considering key sport management practices, including health and safety, marketing, financial planning, volunteer and staff management, scheduling, sponsorship and customer experience.

By the end of this session every student will understand what is required to host a major sporting event such as the World Cup or the Olympic Games, and how they can develop the skills needed to work in this exciting sports industry in the future.

Predicting maximal oxygen uptake

The YMCA cycle ergometer test allows us to predict maximal oxygen uptake, an indicator of our capacity for aerobic endurance.  By increasing the workload on an exercise bike and recording heart rate at regular time-points, we are able to create a graph, which when plotted alongside the age-predicted heart rate (using the equation 220-age) allows us to predict VO2max and workload at the maximal heart rate.  

Reaction time and decision-making

Using the Batak Wall, your ability to make fast and accurate decisions to different stimuli whilst at baseline levels of activity and also when fatigued will be tested. 

The ability to react quickly and accurately, to a range of stimuli contributes towards successful sporting performance.  Images, sounds and touch are three types of information we have to react to during sports. Correct decision-making based on this information is a measure of good performance. Elite performers have to maintain excellent levels of decision-making when under pressure and when they have been working hard all game and are fatigued. 

The psychology of golf putting - attentional focus strategies

The development of mental skills is recognised as being centrally important in elite sport in order for athletes to deliver high level, sustainable performances. This session will introduce some of the mental skills taught by applied sport psychologists to help aid and enhance sporting performance. Students will learn how to putt, and then apply a range of attentional focus strategies, in order to develop an effective pre-performance (putting) routine.  

Totally terrific and technically taxing team tasks

At some point everyone has to work in a team, whether that is within business, education, social or sporting groups.

A series of tasks will provide a competitive challenge to teams of students, who will have to work as an effective team to solve the challenges. They will only succeed by improving the way that they work as a team.

Using tasks to focus on aspects of group work, communication and leadership identifies strengths and weaknesses within group dynamics. Reviewing and feedback from the activities will lead to organisational learning and improved team performance.

Target the top - outdoor adventure challenges

Using the climbing wall, students will examine coaching techniques to improve their climbing ability. Using coaching aids, students will participate in a short coaching session and will be encouraged to reach the top of the wall more efficiently with the net result that they can improve their performance on harder climbing routes. 

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