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Can you help solve a case by performing tests on evidence recovered from a scene?  Students in this session will use their observational skills in order to establish which items collected from the scene could be relevant to the investigation. They will then get the chance to undertake practical work examining items collected from a crime scene and their evidential value.

This is an interactive, practical session that will give students an insight into what it would be like to study forensic science through the analysis of a mock crime scene. 

Acid bath murders

This session provides students with an opportunity to explore the forensic chemistry connected with disposing of a dead body using everyday materials, mimicking the infamous acid bath murderer John George Haigh, apprehended in 1949. 

Students will undertake a very practical based chemistry session dissolving (chicken) flesh in a range of environments and exploring the underlying chemistry.

Forensics@Derby - can you assist the CSI team in processing the scene of the crime for evidence?

There has been a break-in at the University of Derby! The police have visited and report a trail of muddy footprints and a forced door.  Can you assist the CSI team at Derby in processing the scene of the crime for evidence?

This session will give you an introduction and hands-on practical experience of the analysis of two fundamental forensic evidence types.  The session is ideal for those with prior knowledge of Forensic Science, specifically those enrolled on BTEC programmer and their equivalent.

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