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Business workshops

Why study...? talks

The purpose of these talks is to guide your students into making an informed decision about university and the subject area they wish to study.

Enter Business into UCAS and students are presented with over 270 single honours options. These talks provide students with information on how to research courses, what to look for and what they need to consider when choosing both their degree subject and their university. We cover everything from teaching and assessment methods to getting a place and graduate careers. Our student mentors are also on hand to answer any questions from a student perspective.

We can offer Why study…..? Talks in the following areas:

  • Business Studies/Management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Tourism Management
  • Events Management
  • Spa Management and Wellness
  • Culinary and Hospitality Management

Brands and celebrity endorsement

Adapted from a final year module this session looks at what makes brands recognisable and what external factors can impact on the success of a brand. Students will learn about the intricacies of celebrity endorsements and learn about brand typologies. 

The session includes a group activity for which students will need to use brand typologies and celebrity endorsement models to develop their own celebrity and brand collaboration.

Students will be required to work to a tight deadline, work in teams and present their work at the end of the session. 

Niche tourism

This session introduces students to the concept of niche tourism. It includes a brief introduction, covering the various types of travel options as well as the advantages and disadvantages of targeting niche markets. It is then up to the students to develop a travel itinerary aimed at a specific segment of the travel market.

This interactive session will develop their knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Understanding niche tourism
  • Time management
  • Group work
  • Research
  • Presentation and communication
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving

This session can be extended and offered as a full challenge day at our Buxton campus. Please contact us for more details.

Paper airplanes: understanding profit v quality 

This fun and interactive workshop looks at the impact that quality control, time management, communication and team work have on profit margins.

The challenge sounds simple, produce a paper airplane. All materials and resources however cost money, planning is vital and the product will fail quality control if teamwork, communication and attention to detail are not of the highest standard. Your students will learn the importance of being able to work together when under pressure and how poor production can impact upon profits.

As this session is adapted from a degree activity students will be able to experience university style learning and chat to our student mentors about university life.

Bloomberg financial markets lab

The College of Business has recently opened its Financial Markets Trading lab, where our students can access real-time market data through the use of Bloomberg software. This dedicated trading room allows our students the opportunity to work with and access Bloomberg data, information and analytics; whilst some students also engage with simulated trading activities.

Students can come visit this room and explore the software with one of our experts. We are also able to tailor the session to examine a specific economic event and/or company of choice.

Simventure trading challenge

This interactive session gives students the opportunity to use the multi-award winning business simulation programme, SimVenture, in our state-of-the-art computer labs. Supported by our undergraduate Mentors, your students will work in teams to create and run their own virtual, small business. The session will develop their skills and knowledge in four key business areas: organisation, sales and marketing, finance and operations.

If you require further information or would like to book any of the above sessions please contact us.

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