Why Go - Meet our Ambassadors - University of Derby

Why Did I Go to University?

What advice would our ambassadors give? We caught up with three of our ambassadors who graduated in the summer to find out why they came to university and what their advice would be to people just starting now

Vicki Spink - Media Studies graduate now working as an Intern in the Widening Access Team

Amanda Brammer - Biology graduate now working in the Marketing Department at University

Rebecca Wagstaff - English graduate now completing a PGCE Secondary course

What was the main reason you chose to come to university?

VS I came to University because I wanted to expand my knowledge of the subjects I loved. I also wanted a chance to be independent, away from the city I grew up in and away from my friends and family.

Why did you choose to come to Derby?

RW I chose Derby for two reasons. I wanted to stay close to home, so I was looking around local universities, and Derby just felt right to me. I came on an Open Day and it instantly felt like it was the place I should study. The lecturers were really friendly and welcoming, it just felt right.

What was the best part about going to university?

AB The opportunity to study a subject that I was passionate about, and the ability to be able to tailor my degree to the areas I was interested in. I have enjoyed so many different aspects of University during my studies, and have been able to take part in other aspects of University such as working as an Ambassador and completing the Research Scholarship Scheme

Was the process of getting to university easy?

RW Everyone had told me that it wouldn't be that bad but I was a bit stressed about making the decision and making sure I did everything right and when I was supposed to. It wasn't that bad when I think back now - it seems like you have less time than you actually do. 

What do you wish someone had told you when you were applying?

VS I wish somebody had expressed the importance of achieving my grades and creating a strong UCAS application, so I was able to make the right choice about University

What is the best bit of advice you could give someone who is at sixth form / college?

AB Attend as many Open Days and HE events as possible. It might seem scary but it's a great chance to meet the lecturers and see the facilities available.

VS Prepare and draft your UCAS application in advance of the deadline, to give you time to make multiple drafts and make sure you can showcase your skills.

RW Don't forget to focus on your studies. It's easy to get distracted by University and what it's all going to be like, but focus on getting those grades whether that is completing coursework or revising for exams.