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Meet your Summer School mentors

Meet your mentors We're the team of student mentors who will be looking after you at the Summer School. We hope that you all have a great time on the Summer School and we can't wait to meet you in a few weeks time!

Richard, 3rd year Biology & History Joint Honours student

Hobbies: Reading (mostly fiction and comedy), gaming and spending too much time on YouTube

Interesting fact about myself: That my mum is actually studying at the University at the same time as myself

Dream job: To be a science teacher in a secondary school

Danielle, 2nd year Events Management student

Hobbies: listening and playing music, being in my band, going to gigs and festivals

Interesting fact about myself: I love going to festivals and having a great time but my dancing is terrible!

Dream job: To be a stage manager and sound technician in the music industry

Aaron, 2nd year Technical Theatre student

Hobbies: playing sport, music, socialising with my mates and adventure seeking

Interesting fact about myself: I have paraglided off of one of the tallest mountains in Turkey

Dream job: To be a lighting designer for live events

Belinda, 3rd year Occupational Therapy student

Hobbies: travelling the world and taking part in sports teams

Interesting fact about myself: I used to play for 4 different sports teams whilst at school

Dream job: To be an occupational therapist for individuals who have had sports injuries

Jaiden, 2nd year Forensic Science with Psychology student

Hobbies: performing in shows, musicals and occasionally doing comedy sets

Interesting fact about myself: That I am president of the Musical Theatre Society

Dream job: To be a Biology teacher

Emily, 3rd year Primary Education student

Hobbies: Horse riding, travelling and playing video games

Interesting fact about myself: This year I studied abroad as part of my degree and taught over in the Netherlands

Dream job: To be a primary school teacher abroad.

Jake, 3rd year Sport and Exercise Science student

Hobbies: Going to the gym, playing rugby union, comics and films and playing on the PS4.

Interesting fact about myself: I spent three months last year in America helping kids to participate in sports.

Dream job: To be a PE teacher

Vicki, 3rd year Media Studies student

Hobbies: Being involved with sports teams and taking part in the Students Union

Interesting fact about myself: I have climbed Machu Picchu in Peru

Dream job: To work in a SEND school

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