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Monitoring and Statistics

To comply with the Equality Act and support our commitment to Equality and Diversity we produce and publish an Equality and Diversity Annual Diversity Report for our Governing Council.  In this spirit of openness and transparancy this is published, along with some key statistics, on our external website.

Equality and Diversity Annual Report

The Staff Annual Diversity Report documents and summaries key trends in relation to the University’s performance in the areas of equality and diversity, with an aim of highlighting successes and informing the planning process to target areas where improvements should be made. The report focuses on performance against the 4 main objectives in our Strategy:

  • Working towards a culture that encourages inclusion, respect and engagement of staff and students.
  • Satisfying ourselves that all our strategies, policies, procedures, processes and major decisions are equality tested to remove any barriers to recruitment, development, promotion, progression and achievement
  • Ensuring our services, learning and teaching and Estate anre accessible to all staff, students and visitors
  • Ensuring all staff are aware of their Equality and Diversity responsibilities by implementation of the development strategy

In addition to the objectives described above, the report also presents an opportunity to summarise the main activities over the previous year.

Annual Reports

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