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Investors in Diversity Award

What is the Investors in Diversity Award?

According to the Investors in Diversity website, "the Investors in Diversity Award is recognised as a prestigious quality mark. It provides an all-encompassing methodology for improving Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) practices in the workplace. Those that achieve the Investors in Diversity Award have been enabled to take a structured and planned approach to embedding EDI at the heart of what they do. It also provides an excellent framework to bring together all of an organisation’s work around EDI."


When did we achieve it?

In 2011 we were very proud to be the first University in the country to have been successful in achieving the Investors in Diversity Standard.   We committed to the four standards that make up the award:

  • Committing
  • Learning
  • Developing
  • Improving.

During this time we developed a clear strategy and action plan and committed to a range of initiatives, activities and developments across the University that demonstrated our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion with staff, students and other stakeholders.  

Highlights from the Assessors report included:

  • "Staff commented that the commitment from top management to equality and diversity can be seen in the strategic and operational plan, which refers to a core value of valuing people, to their Learning, Teaching and Assessment strategy which has two objectives which relate to internationalisation and inclusion."  
  •  "Other examples that highlight the commitment to diversity include the events organised as part of the Celebrating Diversity week and an event celebrating the Chinese New Year. These displays provide an opportunity for staff and students to develop understanding on particular religions and faiths."
  •  "The University is committed to ensuring that the views of staff and students are heard so that they are involved in the development of their policies, plans and key business decisions."
  •  "Staff said that over the last few years the environment within the University has improved. They have been successful in increasing the number of minority ethnic students who undertake the courses and there has also been an increase in the number of disabled students."



We were successfully re-accredited in March 2013 and July 2015.

We believe that our achievement of this award recognises that we are committed to going beyond equality, diversity and inclusion compliance and that there is more of a focus on improving practice, behaviours, conduct and organisational culture change.  However, the gaining of this award does not mean that we have achieved everything we need to do - it is recognition that we are committed to the diversity and inclusion journey.

Working towards the Investors in Diversity Award has provided us with a clear framework to help us formulate our inclusion strategy and action plan and  align our strategies, business plans, policies, procedures, systems and process to embed equality, diversity and inclusion in everything we do.