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Emma Morris

Emma Morris, Studying Psychology talks about her experience with the URSS

Why I applied to the URSS?

I was looking for volunteer research positions and when my tutor pointed this out to me and I applied right away. 

My Project and why I chose to pursue it.

My research is based on improving pain medication protocols for those with Sickle Cell Disease. This based on adult patients when they experience pain and are treated with a stigma of seeking drugs, rather than actually needing them. The data that I have collected will contribute to a larger project called SCAPE (Sickle Cell Analgesia Protocol Evaluation) which will look into where the issues are and try to help the NHS improve how they treat those with Sickle Cell Disease. I took up this topic because I have an interest in health psychology and I find research in psychology really interesting. I find that it can help different aspects of life. 

What I gained from taking part of the project? 

I have learned how to work with a supervisor and completing the tasks that you have been set to a good standard and in a timely manner. Also, I would say I have gained the skill of creating a conference poster and the experience of presenting the poster, which I find are transferrable job skills. 

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