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Guidance for students and staff

The Undergraduate Research Scholarship scheme is open to all undergraduates studying in the 2nd undergraduate year of any UG honours degree programme. Bursaries of £2,000 are available for individual students, or to be shared between groups of up to three students engaged in collaborative research activity, to support completion of defined research projects before the end of September 2018. Applications can be made by Academic Staff or by Students, but in either case, all submissions require a named academic supervisor. All queries can be directed to

Subject Librarians can also help candidates with their chosen research area should you need any support.

View the Panopto recording of the launch briefing for further details of the scheme.

Key criteria for selection

Proposals can be developed related to specialist areas of study or area of research. The key criteria for selection of projects for funding allocation is:

  • Proposed research question is novel, worthwhile and well-conceived;
  • Proposed objectives are realistic and achievable for a 2nd year undergraduate student within the project timeframe;
  • Project has clear objectives with defined, measurable outcomes;
  • Proposed research methods are broadly appropriate;
  • Proposed project clearly indicates how the project will enable students to develop their research skills and knowledge in the field;
  • Project links to existing research with potential contribution to REF;
  • Project provides value for money for the institution;
  • Ethical considerations are considered at the point of submission. For 2018 a completed ethical approval request must be included with each project submission.

Please note that to comply with employment law legislation URSS supervisors will be required to complete a Right to Work Check for students receiving a bursary payment via the URSS. If a student with a Tier 4 Student Visa is awarded a bursary the supervisor must register and record their weekly working hours as prescribed by the HR procedureOverseas based online URSS students do not require any check. Successful project teams will be provided with full details and guidance upon confirmation of funding.

All applications are made online and will be reviewed at College level prior to a panel facilitated by the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT).

Successful applicants will be contacted in early May to confirm the next steps in project activity and the process for triggering release of the first half of the bursary payment. The second half of the bursary payment is made following the Annual Learning and Teaching Conference in the first week of July 2018. All project funds must be discharged before the end of July 2018.

Application guidance

All applications are made online. Please prepare your applications using a suitable word processing application such as Microsoft Word. This will allow you to copy-and-paste into the relevant application question areas. The application requires the following information:

  • Full personal details including Student Number, Programme of Study, and contact details (Where proposals are submitted for joint projects, for up to 3 students, full details are required for all participating students). NB - only University of Derby email addresses will be accepted. Please do not submit personal email addresses.
  • Project title
  • Aims and objectives of the research (what the research is designed to achieve or what research question the research is designed to answer)
  • Rationale for the proposed research (how the student will benefit from the research and why the project is relevant and interesting)
  • Research methods (including design, sample, measure, data analysis techniques that will be applied)
  • Project plan and timeline (how the research will be conducted, sequence and timing of work)
  • Named academic supervisor and contact details (for student led submissions a named project supervisor but be agreed prior to application)
  • Project costs (Up to £200 can be requested to cover consumables, travel etc. to support each project. If the project is successful further details will be provided at confirmation of funding)
  • Completed Ethical Approval Request Form (please download and submit the form request for ethical approval for research). All applications require an accompanying request for ethical approval.

Applications for the 2018 scheme are now closed

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