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Approving other developments

Process for Approving Developments not covered by Transitional Arrangements:

Validation & Approval processes for developments not covered by transitional arrangements will remain in operation using processes detailed in Handbook 3. Forms to be used with the processes detailed in the handbook are as follows;


Revised name for Form

Use of Form

Annex 3-A

Form VA01

Application for Development Approval of Small Credit Bearing Awards

Annex 3-B

Form VA02

Application for Development Approval of Credit Bearing Awards within the Work Based Learning Framework

Annex 3-C

Form VA03

Submission for the Approval of a Non-Credit Bearing Short Course

Annex 3-D

Form VA04

External Advisor Report for Small Credit Bearing Awards

Annex 3-I

Form VA05

VA05 - Module Specification

Annex 3-J

Form VA06

VA06 - Programme Specification Template

Annex 3-K

Form VA07

Nomination of External Validation Panel Member

Annex 3-L

Form VA08

Notification to QAESC of Programme Approval

Annex 3-M

Form VA09

Modification Proposal Pro Forma

Annex 3-N

Form VA10

External Examiner Feedback on Programme Modification

Annex 3-O

Form VA11

Proposal to Change the Title or Award of a Programme

Annex 3-P

Form VA12

Deletion of a Programme

Annex 3-Q

Form VA13

Internal Advisor Report for ODL Materials

What's Happening ...

Programme Performance Checks

Staff development sessions to help programme teams prepare for the new Programme Performance Checks are available on request through your College Lead in Quality Enhancement - Further guidance materials are being provided on Sharepoint.