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How does Quality management work at the UoD

What can Learning Enhancement do for you?

Learning Enhancement offers information, advice and support on external and internal requirements of quality procedures, and activities leading to quality enhancement, all aimed at helping you get it right first time.

This includes supporting the Colleges and Professional Services in the implementation of the University's quality assurance and enhancement framework to ensure that the standards of the academic awards are maintained and the quality of the learning opportunities are continually monitored and improved.

We can help you to understand and interpret the University's quality assurance and enhancement framework and how it has been informed by the Academic Infrastructure developed by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), including reference to the Code of Practice for the assurance of quality and standards, Subject Benchmark Statements, The Framework for Higher Education Qualifications and Programme Specifications.

We are here to provide advice and support to University staff on academic quality matters such as programme development, curriculum design, preparing for validations and reviews, professional and statutory bodies, collaborative provision, the external examiners system - and many others!

What's Happening ...

23 March (10am - 12pm)

Using technology to support inclusive teaching practice

This session will provide you with an opportunity to understand the importance of inclusive learning and teaching practice and how technology can be used to support these approaches. The practical activities will enable you to gain experience of these technologies and the evaluation techniques which can be used to assess their accessibility.

For more information please view our dedicated webpage.