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How To Create and Manage Wikis

What are wikis?

Wikis are a means by which users can easily collaborate create and edit interlinked web pages – with a track of edits made by the students.  Wikis are most often used as a collaborative work space, and/or a resource site. They are media-rich spaces which allow students to create and engage with text-based formats, images, video and sound.

Why would I use wikis with my students?

  • To facilitate student centred activities based on the creation of materials with other students supporting deeper learning of the subject.
  • Develop student’s communication and critical thinking skills in the collaboration and building of knowledge with others.
  • Wikis can be referred back to, to review and recall information. They can also be further built on and contributed to by students over a period of time as their knowledge and understanding of the subject progresses.
  • Provide feedback to students about knowledge and understanding demonstrated using  the wiki tool along with an individual grade and feedback on individual contributions

How do I use wikis with my students?

The wiki tool in Course Resources (Blackboard) can be used to create two types of wikis.

  • Module Wiki (all students on the module can contribute)
  • Group Wiki (all students within a group can contribute)

Please note:

  • It is not possible to automatically create a wiki for each student in the module.
  • It is not possible to have each wiki automatically created with a default structure or layout (template).

Good Practice

Accessibility Notes

Accessibility of the content on the wiki needs careful consideration. For more information please contact a member of the Learning Technology team



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