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TurningPoint Voting System

Getting Started with Turning Technologies - An Instructor's View

What is TurningPoint?

TurningPoint is an interactive group response system which is used with PowerPoint. An audience can use response devices to give instant feedback to the presenter during a presentation. The system gathers the responses and translates the results into test scores, charts and graphs. The results can be saved and generated into reports which are presented as Excel, CEV, HTML or PDF files. In education, TurningPoint can be used for formative assessment or to measure achievement of learning outcomes.

Why would I use TurningPoint with my students?

TurningPoint provides:

  • Fun and engaging learning experience as students actively participate using clickers
  • Motivation to participate as responses are anonymous
  • Immediate assessment feedback as the responses are marked automatically
  • A competitive spirit which can motivate students to engage with learning material

How do I use TurningPoint with my students?

You can embed quizzes into your lecture presentation for example between information slides to check if your students grasped the content in class. The quizzes may also just be appended to the end of the presentation for the same reason. Alternatively, TurningPoint quizzes can also be used at the beginning of the lecture to help students recap what was taught in the previous session. This can actually motivate students to revise previously covered content so that they do well in the quizzes. Students may be put in groups so that they compete with each other in class. Questions can also be set just to start a discussion, for example discussing the different options to a multiple choice question thereby again getting students engaged and promoting deep learning.

Good Practice

Accessibility Notes

It is important to note the following:

Visually impaired students may not be able to participate unless they have an assistant to help them read and input responses. The experience will not be the same as other students.


TurningPoint Voting System

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