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PeerMark (Turnitin)

Using PeerMark Peer Review - Instructor Training

What is PeerMark?

PeerMark is a tool within Turnitin (Course Resources), for distributing existing student assignments for peer review and evaluation. Students can review their own work, or that of their peers through questions that have been set that guide their evaluation of the submitted assignment.

Why would I use PeerMark with my students?

  • Challenges as well as supports students' learning and understanding.  By peer assessing, students are modelling possible ways of completing a task to one another which can push the student from what they already know to a deeper understanding of material as they view and assess material presented in a different way to their own.
  • Enhances the analytical and comprehension skills of students by checking their understanding of assessment criteria as well their understanding of subject material.
  • Ownership of the assessment process by students that is not dependent on a single Module Leader, giving students the opportunity to receive feedback from more than one person and encourages students to self–evaluate and reflect on their learning.

How do I use PeerMark with my students?

Once an initial Turnitin Submission point has been created, a PeerMark assessment can be linked to it, enabling students to review and evaluation the work of their peers.

  • Enables students' existing assignments to be quickly distributed anonymously across the module for peer review.
  • Student’s peer reviews can be guided through pre-set questions created by you.
  • You can grade the original assignments, engage with the peer review process as an additional reviewer and grade the student’s peer review attempts

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