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eSubmission Turnitin

Turnitin allows the student to submit a digital copy of their work and for academics to retrieve students' work in their own time through Course Resources.

What is Turnitin?                         

E Submission allows the student to submit a digital copy of their work and for academics to retrieve students' work in their own time through Course Resources (Blackboard). As more students produce digital work it is important to provide them with a way to submit this for assessment quickly and easily. Technology allows us to do this integrating the submission and feedback process within systems familiar to the student like Course Resources.

Turnitin UK provides an Originality Report to compare text within the submitted text with other sources.  It also provides a number of different marking tools including in-line grading, drag and drop comments, audio feedback and rubrics. The majority of E Submission points will be set up using TurnitinUK, although it is limited to files of a maximum of 40MB.

Why would I use Turnitin with my students?

  • Students can be given the option to see the Originality Report
  • Submission is automatically receipted by email to the students.
  • Exact date and timestamp of when work was submitted by students.
  • Able to reuse comments within ‘Quick Marks’, making it easier and quicker to mark and more consistency in marking.
  • Improved clarity in marking and feedback, easier to make lengthy comments at the appropriate point in the text.
  • Easier for students to read and understand typed text than handwritten feedback.
  • Electronic storage of assignments can be easier to access and manage than printing paper copies.
  • Feedback is easily available to students to refer back to at a later date.

More about how Turnitin is used at Derby

How do I use Turnitin with my students?

There a few steps to go through in the e submission process:


Electronic marking of students' work

To access student submissions on Turnitin UK follow the instructions below:

  • Log in to Course Resources.
  • Click on the module which the students have submitted to.
  • Click the Module Tools link in the Control Panel on the left.
  • Select TurnitinUK Assignments from the list
  • Click the name of the submission area.
  • Here you will see a list of the students who have submitted their work
  • Click on the pencil icon next to the submission.

Below are a series of Guides, which should help you to use the marking tools in Turnitin

    Using marks and comments
    Adding Quickmark drag and drop comments
    Using rubrics for grading and evaluating
    Turnitin iPad app

Please note:

If students have submitted work, deleting assignments also deletes students submissions.

Marking offline

There may be circumstances, which arise where you need to mark a student's work offline. This could be due to inadequate broadband, restrictions on download and upload limits at home or Course Resources assignment tool not offering the feedback options required for some of your students (e.g. different text colour, background colour, access via assistive technology).

Good Practice

Ideas Factory - The use of QuickMarks and Rubrics in Electronic Marking

Health and Safety Tips for working at a Computer

Hints and tips:  When writing the general feedback it is best to do this within a Word document first and then copy and paste this across to the general feedback area. This ensures that you can save the work as you go along but also provides you with an overview of the general feedback all in one place. It also provides a spell check which is not available in GradeMark.


What can I do if I can’t access the system

General Enquiries



01332 591865