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How to Create Announcements in Your Course

What are announcements?

Notices and updates can be posted to students using the Announcements tool within Course Resources (Blackboard).  This can be particularly useful when time sensitive and / or critical information needs to be communicated to students.  The information posted using the Announcements tools could include assignment due dates, exam schedules, changes to the programme and room changes.

The Announcements tool can also be used as a ‘newsfeed’ for the course, including the embedding of social media links, such as a Twitter feed.

Why would I use announcements with my students?

  • To communicate updates and key information to students.
  • To send time–sensitive information to students.

How do I use announcements with my students?

Announcements within Course Resources (Blackboard) can be sent to students' email addresses, so that students will still receive the message even if they do not log into Course Resources.

Announcements can be created at a time that is convenient to you and date and time restrictions set so that students only see the announcement at the appropriate time.

Announcements can be edited, reordered and deleted by the Lecturer.  

Please note: 

Announcements can not be sent to individual groups within a Course Resources (Blackboard) module.


How to create Announcements

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