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Video Booth

video booth The Video Booth is located in B114 Kedleston Road

What is it?

It allows you to quickly and easily record presentations and share them with students through Course Resources using the University's Lecture recording system (Panopto). Your presentation could simply be you talking to camera and/or you can also show PowerPoint slides or screen capture to emphasise key points.


What do I use it for?

Examples include:

  • Module introductions
  • Preparing students for lectures
  • Lecture summaries
  • Creating revision aids
  • Sharing messages with students
  • Flipped Lectures

How does it work?

The Video Booth is equipped with a high definition webcam and a professional microphone to record high quality audio. We can demonstrate the software and give you tips and techniques on how to get the best from your recording.

Before you arrive it is useful to have prepared what you want to say and you may wish to bring some bullet points or notes to work from, along with your PowerPoint presentation.

Once you have finished your recording we can give you advice on how to share your recording with students in Course Resources.

If you are interested in using the Video Booth please contact Matt Howcroft, Keith Taynton or Matt Gilooly or drop in to B114 to arrange a suitable time to record.

General Enquiries



01332 591865