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Create your own video content

Video can be a powerful tool within teaching and assessment and is easier to use than ever before.

We can advise you on the best way to translate your ideas into video and 
create you own material to share with students online through Course Resources or use within teaching sessions.

How does it work?

We can support you at every step of the video making process, so you can build your skills and learn at your own pace. We provide regular training sessions covering camera skills and editing, as well as offering one to one support and advice.

We have cameras available for loan and edit suites, all of which can be booked by contacting us by phone or email. When you collect the camera we will give you a short guide to the equipment and answer any questions you have. You can download the footage straight from the camera to your computer or we can make the recorded footage available on a disc for you to copy, archive or edit.


What do I use it for?

Examples include:

  • Illustrating processes or techniques
  • Helping improve students' engagement with information delivered
  • Delivering messages in a more interesting or visual way than using text


Where do I find you?

Camera loans, editing suites and advice are available from B114 at the Kedleston Road site and from the Devonshire Library in Buxton. Equipment can also be available on other sites if requested so please get in touch.


Learn more about camera skills, download our PDF guide.

General Enquiries



01332 591865