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Classroom technologies and learning spaces

“A lot of space to work in and easy access for multiple people to use the same screen when working in group" Student

Learning Enhancement leads in the defining and the delivery of learning spaces, physical and virtual. 

Learning Enhancement, in conjunction with Estates and IT Services are working hard on innovating and refreshing the Learning Spaces in the University.

The redesigned rooms have been created, in consultation with academic staff, and they offer the opportunity to learn and teach in very different ways.

For many these rooms will be a change in the approach to higher education teaching. There is greater focus on group active learning rather than a teacher lead didactic approach.

It is hoped that in reconfiguring learning spaces across the University of Derby, students and staff will be provided with opportunities to engage in new learning and teaching experiences which encourage more collaboration and cooperation

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What's Happening ...

Using technology to support inclusive teaching practice

B110, KR 

Wednesday 7 June at

1pm - 3pm 

An opportunity to understand the importance of inclusive learning and teaching practice and how technology can be used to support these approaches. 

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