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Professional development and recognition

Process of Applying for HEA Fellowship and the NTF scheme at Derby.

Process of Applying for HEA Fellowship through the University of Derby Accredited route

We are keen to support colleagues through our accredited portfolio route to HEA Fellowship at D1 (Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy), D2 (Fellow of the Higher Education Academy) and D3 (Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy). Following amendments to the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF), supporting materials for the new D2 (HEA Fellow) have been rewritten and institutional processes modified.

University of Derby staff wishing to pursue their fellowship should email to request access to the Staff HEA Accreditation module. The module area incorporates detailed guidance about the application process, the portfolio requirements for different levels of fellowship, and information about the submission points and confirmed deadlines.

Process of applying

Colleagues intending to take the accredited institutional route to Fellowship will have a minimum of two opportunities per year to submit a portfolio of evidence, which will be scrutinised by a panel of experienced reviewers and appointed HEA external examiner to verify that the standards have been met through evidence of personal professional practice.

  • Discuss your intended application with your College Lead in Learning Enhancement and your line manager.
  • Gain access to the Staff HEA module area by emailing or through discussion with your College Lead in Learning Enhancement. The module provides a range of support materials and ongoing support mechanisms.
  • Review the available submission points and decide a manageable date by which to complete your portfolio. The university will normally accept portfolio applications at least twice per year and you will need to identify your intended submission point.
  • Check if any of your colleagues are also developing a portfolio: a support network has proven highly beneficial previously.
  • Start compiling your portfolio of evidence, ensuring your examples demonstrate how your academic experience has addressed the five Areas of Activity (A1-5), the six Aspects of Core Knowledge (K1-6) and the four Professional Values (V1-4). It is important that you meet with College Lead in Learning Enhancement prior to compiling evidence as this needs to map to the portfolio requirements. Clear guidance is available in the Staff HEA Accreditation module area and information provided about available support events and activities.
  • Work included in the portfolio submission should include reflective and critical engagement as well as linkage between theory and practice.
  • Submit your portfolio via the Staff HEA Accreditation module submission process according to your selected submission date.
  • The panel will aim to meet and scrutinise portfolios within six weeks of submission. Their decision will be a collaborative professional judgement of professional practice in learning, teaching and assessment, and outcomes confirmed with individuals shortly after each panel event.

The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme

Funded by HEfCE and run by the Higher Education Academy, the National Teaching Fellowship scheme (NTFS) is a highly prestigious, nationally recognised award for excellence in learning and teaching in higher education. As well as being an extremely significant title and professional recognition, the established group of National Teaching Fellows form a dynamic community of practice representing 40 discipline areas leading significant projects having an impact across the HE sector.

You can find out more via the Higher Education Academy NTFS web pages.

How do I get involved?

National Teaching Fellowship status can only be gained through institutional nomination. The University of Derby is eligible to nominate up to 3 candidates in each academic year and selections are made by an NTFS panel comprising the Deputy Vice Chancellor, the Dean of Learning Enhancement, established National Teaching Fellows and other senior staff with strategic responsibility for learning and teaching. 

Want to find out more?

The Collaborative Awards for Teaching Excellence (CATE)

CATE is a new award scheme managed by the HEA and funded by HEFCE, HEFCW and the Department of Economy (DfE) Northern Ireland (now incorporating the responsibilities of DELNI) launched in May 2016. Based on institutional nomination, the award is open to collaborative teams and is designed to “celebrate collaborative work in teaching and learning” and “to capture the creative and innovative practice that positively impacts on the student experience.”

How do I get involved?

  • You can find out more about CATE via the Higher Education Academy.
  • HEA award guidelines are available.
  • To be considered for institutional nomination, please complete and submit the following initial application CATE form 2016 by the listed deadline date.

What's Happening ...

Learning and Teaching Conference 2018 - Call for proposals

The Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) is pleased to announce the call for proposals for the Learning & Teaching Conference 2018. All staff are invited to submit using the online form below for consideration by the conference review panel. Proposals need to be submitted no later than 12 noon on 22 May 2018.