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Group Assessment

Lecturer in Psychology, talks about his experiences of using a Wiki for Group Assessment Kevin Silber

Assessing group work is a common requirement for many courses and there are many ways in which technology can help you to assess the individual contributions of students as well as the collective work of the group.

Why would I use technology to aid group assessment?

  • View student work during its creation
  • Monitor collaboration throughout the group process
  • Provide formative feedback during the project
  • Access records of student interactions (e.g. messages, edits, reflections) to assess individual contributions to the group work produced
  • Combine with electronic submission to utilise the originality checker

How do I use technology to do this?

You can use the groups function in Course Resources/Blackboard to create areas for the students to collaborate and communicate online with the rest of their group.

These include:

  • Discussion Forums for group communication
  • Wikis for the production of work
  • Blogs for individual and group reflections

These areas allow you to view student work, communications and reflections enabling you to assess the contributions made by individual students as well as the group as a whole. You can also use them to monitor the group's activity during the group's project and provide formative feedback to the group about how they are doing. Assessing these areas can be time consuming so you may consider using peer assessment or self-assessment to assist you.

If the group is producing a presentation as part of their assessment then there are a variety of technologies that can be used to support the presentation and recording of their work. This can then be assessed in a similar way to a face-to-face presentation. It also provides a recording which you or the student could review to identify key areas for improvement.