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Keynote speaker on Assessment and Feedback Academic Practice Programme Semester 2

Keynote Speaker - Professor Phil Race

Wednesday 25 March 2015, Room OL2

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Whilst much good practice already exists, assessment and feedback have been identified as areas for enhancement in a number of this year’s College Enhancement Plans. 

Learning Enhancement is pleased to invite you to attend an interactive session focussing on the areas of practice you as an individual or programme team want to take forward with recognised expert in the field Professor Phil Race on Wednesday 25 March from 1.30-3.30pm. 

In addition to latest thinking in assessment design and practice in higher education, Professor Race will reflect on the key challenges identified through College Enhancement Plans:  Assessment design; clarity, consistency and transparency of assessment criteria; frequency and size of assessment tasks and feed forward to enhance student attainment.

If you have further specific areas you would like covered in the session, please feed these into by 12 March so that they can be included in the session.