Supporting students in practical classes - Creating an accessible curriculum - University of Derby

Supporting students in practical classes

  • Provide opportunities for students to visit laboratories prior to the session in order that they are able to familiarise themselves with the environment.
  • It is important for all students including those with disabilities to share with staff any concerns about safety considerations in practical classes.
  • Substitute alternative activities when any student is unable to carry out the practical task.
  • Modify or adapt equipment or activities wherever possible to allow students with disabilities to participate (Examples include auditory displays of visual information such as talking thermometers, or tactile displays of information which may include instruments which have Braille markings thereon, and adjustable height work-benches whereby equipment is moved to an accessible level).
  • Consider the use of assistive technology for example a visualiser or camera to magnify images.
  • It is important that early negotiation between student and lecturer takes place in order to ensure effective inclusive practice.

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Programme Performance Checks

Staff development sessions to help programme teams prepare for the new Programme Performance Checks are available on request through your College Lead in Quality Enhancement - Further guidance materials are being provided on Sharepoint.