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Creating accessible PDF documents

This page provides general guidance on making PDF documents more accessible. Some of the points are linked to help guides, which explain how to implement the recommendation.

  • Create the document in Word or PowerPoint using the advice provided within this resource.
  • Save the document as pdf (use the method linked to here as other methods may not correctly convert the accessibility features you have used).
  • Run an ######accessibility check within Adobe Acrobat##### to pick up any further issues.

PDF documents accessibility checklist

This list has been designed to assist you during the creation of a learning resource. You will need to use your own judgement about what is or isn’t appropriate, as this will change depending on your particular context.

 Created using accessible checklists for Word and PowerPoint.

  • Saved using method, which converts accessibility features added during creation.
  • Document structure is accurately replicated in the navigation pane.
  • Reading order is logical.
  • Images, tables, charts and graphs have alternative text.



Using Adobe tools to make accessible content

JISC guide - Getting started with accessibility and inclusion

Quick guides for making Word, PowerPoint and PDF documents accessible

BBC Guide to creating accessible PDF's with Word and Acrobat Professional

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