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Why Educators Can't Live Without Social Media - 21 Nov 2016

From student recruitment to alumni relations, social media has a place at every step of the student experience. Digital literacy, capability, and capacity have never been more important for employability, critical thinking, and academic success. Our digital identities matter and we are lifelong learners with digital channels. Eric Stoller discussed how social media create pathways for learning, teaching, and engagement.

Why Educators Can't Live Without Social Media

Developing a claim for National Teaching Fellowship status - 29 July 2015

To find out more about the benefits of becoming a National Teaching Fellow and the process by which institutional nominations are identified and mentored, including the key dates involved in this proces.

NTFS overview

Developing effective personal tutoring mini conference - 3 June 2015

Presentation Attendance monitoring  PDSE process 
Tutor Pack V2

Enhancing practice through Peer Observation of Teaching - 27 May 2015

This session focused on the enhancement of teaching practice through peer observation.

Enhancing practice

Assessing and feedback mini conference - 6 May 2015

This session began with small-group discussions and presentations in the Learning Curve in the Atrium. Colleagues from different subject disciplines provided insights about their experience of Assessment and Feedback.

Assessment and Feedback benchmarking tool

Creating an inclusive learning experience - 29 October 2014

This workshop explored what is meant by an inclusive curriculum and learning experience, and the ways in which this can be facilitated at the University of Derby. During the session examples were presented which demonstrate how designing for inclusivity can improve the learning experience for all students. Consideration was given to our legal obligations to ensure an inclusive curriculum.

The story of fish and frog A practical example of a dialogic approach and one which is potentially... Presentation

Introduction to Module Design - 27 October 2014

This workshop led you through the important considerations relating to the design or revision of a module. It explored the alignment of learning outcomes with teaching, learning and assessment methods and prompts you to think in practical terms about the process for module development and revision.

HEA Poster 1 - The Assessment Spectra HEA Poster 2 - The Assessment Types HEA Poster 3 - The Purposes of Assessment