Inclusive teaching and learning - what we've learned from students

Wednesday, 18 April at 10.00 am - 12.00 pm

Session Details

This interactive workshop will explore the idea that by carefully considering the needs of specific student groups (e.g. disabled students), we can learn about inclusivity to improve learning for all students.

Debates around inclusivity within teaching and learning, often focus on the need for reasonable adjustments to ‘normal practice.’ This workshop will instead propose that the explicit experiences of students with more obviously identifiable needs can illuminate the needs and experiences of all students and that true inclusive education is one which seeks to improve learning for all students.

The session will begin with a short (15 min) presentation that outlines what specific student groups, at Derby, have taught us about inclusivity in 3 thematic areas – Language, Belonging and Assessment.

Within each theme we will outline what research and feedback has taught us about the barriers encountered by these groups. Using this learning we will reflect on what this can tell us about inclusivity and the experience of all students. Finally, we will outline interventions that can build on this learning to enhance inclusivity and improve learning and experience for all students.

In groups, participants will consider this proposition and identifying other potential learning that can be gained from students and how we could use this to improve learning for all.

The session will bring these debates together by considering the implications of these ideas for teaching and learning within HE with reference to the work of Sally Kift and others.

Relevant dimensions of the UKPSF

V1, V2, V3. A4, K3


Sharing Practice

Session Facilitator

Mr Gareth Hughes, Student Wellbeing


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