September is Sickle Cell Awarness Month, Childhood Cancer Awarness Month, International Blood Cancer Awareness Month and World Dementia Awareness Month.

23 September is International Day of Sign Languages. 1 in 6 people in the UK have some degree of hearing loss and over 87,000 people in the UK use BSL (British Sign Language) as their preferred language.

Like Gaelic, BSL is a language in its own right. It has its own dialects and rich variation, however it differs profoundly from spoken languages with a distinctive grammar using handshapes, facial expressions, gestures and body language to convey meaning.

A student looking through a microscope.
A nursing lecture helping a nursing student.
DateNational Day
05-Sep International Day of Charity
07-Sep Rosh Hashana - Jewish holiday
08-Sep Nativity of Virgin Mary - Christian
08-Sep International Literacy Day
10-Sep World Suicide Prevention Day
10-Sep Ganesh Chaturthi - Hindu holiday
12-Sep Racial Justice Sunday
14-Sep The Triumph of the Cross - Christian
15-Sep International Day of Democracy
16-Sep Yom Kippur - Jewish holiday
19-Sep Anant Chaturdashi - Jain
21-Sep First day of Sukkot - Jewish holiday
21-Sep International Day of Peace
21-Sep World Alzheimer's Day
21-Sep Mabon - Ostara - Wicca/Pagan Northern and Southern Hemispheres (21-29 Sep)
22-Sep Autumn Equinox
23-Sep Bi Visibility Day
26-Sep World Deaf Day
27-Sep Hoshana Rabbah - Jewish holiday
27 Sep Meskel - Ethiopian Orthodox Christian
28-Sep Shemini Atzeret - Jewish holiday
28-Sep International Right to Know Day
28-Sep Simchat Torah - Jewish holiday
29-Sep Michaelmas - Saint Michael and All Angels - Christian
29-Sep World Heart Day