Our environmental policies

Environmental policy

Our latest Environment Policy, which was updated in November 2020, states our responsibilities, objectives and targets to ensure the environment is central to our business. Our Environmental Management System (EMS) ensures we are committed to the prevention of pollution and continual improvement in environmental performance.

Biodiversity Action Plan

We have created plans for each of our sites to encourage more wildlife on our campuses. Actions from these plans include:

Ethical Investment Policy

The University has a publicly available Ethical Investment Policy, which has been approved by the University's Governing Council and is reported on at a senior level. A review of the policy is currently taking place.

We consider that fund managers should consider the following criteria when assessing the appropriateness of any investments they undertake on behalf of the University:

Staff, students and external governors sit on the Governing Council and there is also a Student Liaison Committee between the Union of Students and the University, where ethical investments can be discussed.

University of Derby's Union of Students

The Union of Students is committed to promoting sustainability among its members. Find out more about the Union of Students' sustainability initiatives.