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Waste & Recycling

Find all the information on your waste and recycling needs at the University

Waste Hierarchy

As the university follows the principles of the waste hierarchy, none of our waste goes to landfill, it is recycled or converted into energy.


There are many different types of waste which are produced at the University, but much of this has the potential to be recycled or reused.

To encourage recycling at the university, waste can easily be separated into two streams, Mixed Recycling and General Waste

To facilitate this the university has a number of both internal and external dual waste stream bins across our site:

Internal Bins External Bins

The policy of no personal bins within office spaces or classrooms has resulted in a reduction in waste, Estate Management have instead placed dual waste bins located throughout the campus.

To replace personal bins, Desk Top Recyclers have been issued to all staff members, these should be used to collect your waste at your desk, and then sorted into Mixed Recycling and General Waste at the closest large/ communal bin.


Waste Guidance

Go to out Waste A-Z guide for specific guidance any waste disposal, please find general procedures below:

Mixed Recycling Guidance

General Waste Guidance

Glass Recycling Guidance

Confidential Waste Guidance

Battery Recycling Guidance

Room Clear Out and Decluttering Guidance

Hazardous Waste Guidance  

MFD Toner Guidance

LaserJet Waste Items Guidance

For any queries relating to waste management at the University of Derby, please contact Helen Rutherford (h.rutherford@derby.ac.uk) or Estate Management (estates@derby.ac.uk)


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