Lockdown Litter Picking Challenge

Join the big hedgehog-friendly lockdown litter picking challenge and help hedgehogs in your community! 

From the 20th September - 29th November

The Hedgehog Friendly Campus Group at Derby University has entered a UK-wide litter picking competition to help make university campuses and the surrounding area safer for hedgehogs and wildlife. There is a great prize given to the university that picks the most litter, we'd get our very own hedgehog house, and hedgehog food to go with it would be donated by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society! Winner or not every participant will also receive a digital certificate from the hedgehog friendly campus in recognition of their efforts.

If you’d like to help The University of Derby become a hedgehog friendly campus in this litter picking challenge and support your local wildlife this is how you do it:

Once you've gathered these bits then you can start collecting litter in your area. It does not have to be on your campus. When finished please take a photo of how many bin bags you’ve filled and email them to environment@derby.ac.uk before midnight on Sunday the 28th of November. If you’re doing this as a group, please include the number of participants in your email too.


A cartoon hedgehog wearing a graduation cap, clutches its diploma whilst standing next to a bin