University of Derby Fairtrade Committee outcomes 2019-20

Leadership and strategy

A Fairtrade Committee that includes University and Union reps, all Procurement and Retail Managers, Chaplains, academics and more students than we’ve ever had before! The new and active involvement of Halls staff this year has led to more events in Halls, and better engagement with students.

A “home” for the Fairtrade Committee within the University’s new structures for Sustainability and Environmental Compliance.

Publicly expressed support for Fairtrade and the work of the Committee from the Union and University’s most senior staff.

Campaigning and influencing

Fairtrade Fortnight 2019 and 2020 events held across all main University campuses (Derby, Buxton, Chesterfield, Leek) and in some Halls of Residence in Derby and Buxton: Fairtrade pancakes; product displays, tasting and giveaways; quizzes; giant banana antics; chocolate tasting quizzes; a Fairtrade chocolate fountain; Fairtrade hoop-la; campaign card promotion; storybombing; Fairtrade lunches and teas; cookery club Fairtrade brownies; University Choir promotion; and a public lecture by Rachel Wadham from the Fairtrade Foundation.

Increased number of students involved in the delivery of these events, including the Christian Union and the Culinary Society.

Increased number of events delivered in partnership with students outside Fairtrade Fortnight including the weekly Fairtrade lunch at Derby and Fairtrade Tea at Buxton.One-off events included the Derby Colour Dash; International Women’s Day stall; promotion at Women’s Rugby Club Bingo; a Bake-off at Buxton by Hospitality students; a Fairtrade 25th birthday cake and Fairtrade cakes for a Buxton and Leek College welcome event for new students baked by BLC learning disabled students.

Procurement, retail and catering

New Fairtrade products introduced across all University sites so that Fairtrade options for tea, coffee, sugar, hot chocolate and chocolate are available everywhere.

Fairtrade wine, soft drinks and fruit also available from some outlets.

Point of sale material introduced to highlight and promote Fairtrade items.

Research and curriculum

Fairtrade student survey undertaken of HE students (low response rate, so use a different methodology next year).

BLC students at Buxton and Leek College also surveyed.

Staff survey produced by an intern, to be rolled out through a student research project this summer if Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme (URSS) proposal accepted.

Promotion of opportunities for students to research aspects of Fairtrade as part of their course work or dissertations, especially through Environmental Sciences, Culinary Arts,
Hospitality and Tourism.


This year, building on learning from previous years, we aimed at more impactful campaigning and influencing work:

Our new year of work will begin with analysis of the data we have collected this year: